Full Homes Interior
At Creative,we believe that interior design is more than great functionality and beautiful aesthetics. We aim to make your home interiors a reflection of your personality. Your home should be something that you take pride in and love to spend time in.
  • 1BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK Complete Interior
  • Above 4 BHK (Large) Flat Complete Interior
  • Duplex Paint House Complete Interior
  • Small and Big House Complete Interior
Room & Kitchen Interiors
Bedroom in our homes are where we retire and relax after a hard days of work.Your kitchen is where you make your culinary supernatural occurrences. It is where you invest satisfactory measure of energy consistently.
  • Modular Kitchen Complete Interior
  • Semi Modular Kitchen Complete Interior
  • Living Room Complete Interior
  • Bed Room and Kids Room Complete Interior
Decor and Furniture
We use furniture of very good quality designed for a very pleasant ambience for your interiors. From traditional to modern contemporary designs we help you select the best quality furniture for your interiors.
  • Word Door and Cabinet
  • Sofa cum Bed and Sofa
  • Dining and Others Tables
  • False Ceiling Only


We are here to serve you as colpmete and specialised interior designer of the following sector

Showroom Interior

We are one of the top retail store & showroom interior designers & decorators based in India, creativity and elegance are most important in retail designing. We are considered as the top Interior Designer in Kolkata from India for Retails & Showrooms. 

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Hotels - Resort Interior

The whole of the Hotels and Resorts’s projects is the result of visionary designs in interior architecture in order to respond to the need of its clientele in terms of innovation and identity.To feel an atmosphere based in harmony where Luxury, technology.

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Royal Bathroom Interior

When it comes to great bathroom design, the inspiration is endless. And data even shows that the quality of your bathroom has an effect on your home’s overall value.From paint color to fittings, vanities and lighting, the list of factors to consider will multiply before you can say “bubble bath.”

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Rooftop Garden Interior

we have discovered yet another realistic and efficient way – Roof Gardening. Although the concept has been conceived in ancient times,  As the name suggests, roof gardening is about have a garden on the roof of the building. This concept, however, is not the same as ‘green roof.

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Bar Restaurent Interior

A good interior designcan do as much for a cafe, restaurant or bar as good food, drinks and service can. We made this list of establishments to show you some of the best bar, cafe and restaurant designs in the Kolkata,the best interiors designer.

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Shooping Mall Interior

We are one of the top Shopping Mall inside originators and decorators situated in India, inventiveness and polish are most significant in retail planning.. We are considered as the top Interior Designer in Kolkata from India for Shopping Mall. We are situated as an imaginative.

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